Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spring Break at the Oregon Coast

Wow how time flies by or maybe I am just lazy. Haha. So it has been over a year since my last post. There has been a lot of changes in a year. I started working at the school this year and Emmett has finished kindergarten. Crazy my baby is in school. Some days I miss having babies around, but it is nice to have more dependent kiddos. Jordan finished his first year of middle school(which was rough on us both). He also starts grid kid football in August. He had been begging me for 2 years to sign him up and I finally bit the bullet and did it to find out he has no interest and is even upset that I signed him up. Gotta love teenager hey. Mom's can't get it right haha.Sage has been taking piano and is getting really good she is so talented. Brendan had a bit of a rough year. His seizures came back in October and he had a hard time keeping up in the general ed class so he is full time in the extended resource room. He has made huge gains since and so much happier. Chris is still hard at work all the time and still manages to take us on crazy adventures that we all come home exhausted and happy.
Winter Recital
I still don't think I have a handle on this whole house cleaning and chores for me and the kids but I think we have made improvements. So slow but sure hopefully we will get there. We still have our crazy goats and chickens that keep us busy. We had 4 babies 3 males and 1 doe so not our best year but they are still so cute. We finally put up a good fence and have been trying to flood irrigate this year and that has been interesting. I never understood how sharing water could cause so many issues. But boy it can really bring out the worst in people. We also finished our chicken coop and planted a garden. Unfortunately still don't have any luck with keeping it to harvest. Something got in and ate all but the squash plants.

2nd place overall and 1st in his class
We were able to get together with all my mom's kids which was nice, crazy, stressful, and enjoyable. Our poor spouses didn't know how crazy dysfunctional and loveable we are all at the same time. I think we all had a really great time and was actually one of our better reunions. Love my Crazy family. We went all over East Idaho. It was a jam packed busy 10 days. Loved meeting new babies and we still have 2 new ones coming soon. I think we had 32 of us at on one occasion. Kinda hard to believe that 4 kids can grow to that many.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today has been hard. Not sure why I was so emotional. I had a fun weekend with the family this weekend. We went to the cabin and then went through Yellowstone park.

Artist point
Posing with Grandma
Emmett not liking the overlook. He has a worried look in all the pictures.

Ever since Bren's surgery I have been different. When I returned home it was so good to be back. But know I feel like I lost a part of me and have forgotten how to be a mom/wife for a family of 6. I can't seem to get anything done. My house is a mess. I know we all say that but really it is disgusting. I am so embarrassed for any visitors. I forgot how and what to cook for dinner. I have no energy and just want to sleep all the time. I wish they had rehab for moms who have gone through traumatic stress situations and slowly introduce them back into there "normal" lives.

St. Anthony loving the awesome tank!
I am tired of always worrying and wish I was able to move on and accept my new life. Its funny to think back and I thought life was hard. Boy was I wrong I would love to have that life back. We seem to wish for what we had instead of make the best of what we have.

 I went to bed and had a goal of going through the clothes and getting rid of a lot of them and well accomplished nothing. I went to the Dr. to get my bp checked just to confirm it is still too high. I am feeling irritated about that.

I went to lunch with my dearest friend. I love her so much. I couldn't hold back tears I didn't know were there and well haven't been able to stop them. She is such a special lady and I love her so much. She sat there and let me spill my problems to her. She has had more then her fair share of trials as well. Yet she is so positive and faithful. She is such an inspiration and I look up to her so much.
I have been feeling like such a failure lately. Well all the time actually and I wish I could be back to my old self.

Tomorrow is Brendan's eeg and we get to stay up all night. So I am mean and making him clean his room. It is nice to only have him to focus on when he does it. During the day I don't have the patience and end up yelling at the poor guy. He is not thrilled but at least when he is done he is excited and proud of himself. Maybe I should do this with each of the kids. haha. Well now would be a good time to tackle my daunting clothes sorting.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow spring has really sprung around here. We have gotten so many new babies. We had 4 doelings born this year. We brought home 4 baby chicks and they are growing nicely. I think they are about 6-7 weeks now. We brought home 15 more chicks last week, they are cockrels.
Sage had her birthday yesterday, she wanted ducklings but they didn't have any. She was so sad so her dad talked her into a cool new incubator so she can order some eggs and watch them hatch. She is so excited!
Our pigs are doing pretty good. One is better than the other. Our little one has a prolapsed rectum and we are not quite sure what to do about it. But that's how it goes.
We put up a new fence around the perimeter of our yard and that seems to be keeping in most of the animals. Our dang dog seems to be still finding a way out. So we will have to watch her a little closer so we can figure out where we need to fix that.
Brendan is doing great in his new school. He has been there a little over 4 months and has made a lot of new friends. He is super excited for the nice weather so he can ride his trike. He did ride it with Jordan the other day. They went to there Aunt Tara's and when they returned Brendan collapsed on the bed and said" that's exhausting". It was almost 3.5 miles round trip and quite windy.
Jordan is such a smart little stinker. He had an inventors thing and he won 3rd in regionals out of 100+ kids. He is out growing his boyhood. He still has a tendency to be lazy and not help but that's a kid for ya. So proud of him.
Emmett has kindergarten round up today and is so excited to go to "real school". Hopefully the excitement stays all through school.
Chris is doing good keeping busy. He had us a little scared last week. He has had a lump on the back of his neck for about 6 months and the NP said we needed to get an ultra sound done to see what was going on. Then after that we needed a MRI so that scared us because they seemed pretty concerned. Luckily everything came out o.k. it is only a lipoma (fat tissue capsule). What a relief!
Well tha'ts about it for the excitement on our little farm.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Whats new in 2014

Wow it has been too long. Life has been so crazy busy. We have been home from surgery just over a year. Bren is able to walk so good and even run(still a little scary to watch him run). He does fall most of the time if he gets going to fast. We switched him to public school this January and he is loving it. He broke his arm 2x August and October and after 5 months of being in a cast he finally got it off in January. His speech is so much better and you can understand him most of the time. We are so blessed for the way things turned out. Brendan was able to go skiing a couple of weeks ago with an organization called CW Hog. They help special needs kids do all sorts of different activities with adaptive equipment. What an amazing experience

veterans concert
We have decided to try raising a couple of pigs this winter. They are stinky but pretty fun pork chop is the little one and he is so cute he comes running to finds us whenever he hears the door open. Bacon well she was a little older when we got her so she is not to sure about us and is fast. The kids know what we are raising her for and are fine with that because they are all scared of her. But they think pork chop is our 2nd dog. Although he is getting bigger and bites at their toes and fingers so I thing they will warm up to the idea.
We also got 4 baby chicks Friday and they are cute as ever they are inside in a garbage can for now. I love to hear their little chirps and squeaks. Hopefully we will be able to keep the neighborhood dogs away from them when they get big enough to go outside.
2 of the 3 goats have had their babies already so we have 3 new doelings they are so cute we decided to name them Kamri, Kia and Pheonix. We didn't see them born just found them a couple of hours after. Luckily they are all healthy and didn't have any problems.
Jord got to display his invention this week and is excited to see how he did. He went to his Klondike camp out and on the way home some of his group got into a wreck with like 10 other cars. He made it home safe and sound.
Sage lost another tooth this weekend. I think thats 5 now. She has quite the gaps in her mouth these days.
Emmett is as wild as ever. He is so entertaining and fun. He is brave until you start a sentence "watch out for.... then he is such a scaredy cat.
Chris is going to Canada for a week on business. Hopefully we will survive.
Well thats all I can think of for now. I am sorry I have not kept up. It has been fun reading our latter posts. I was cracking up at some of the things the kids did .

Sledding December 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cleveland Clinic Shaker Rehab

Shane, Vincent and Brendan
As you all know Brendan and I recently came home from Cleveland Clinic after being there for just over 2 months. I would like to say wow what an amazing place. Cleveland Clinic has angels working for them. I would like to go to a job interview and see the requirements. We have been to a few hospitals and well some have had better food but the staff are by far worth it. haha sorry CC but the food is awful. On the bright side that is the only negative thing I have to say. You have given my little boy his life back he has been seizure free since October 12th 2012!!!
We have made so many new friends along our journey and are so thankful to have those experiences. It has humbled me so much and I will never forget the many great things that these young children can do and go through. They have such amazing spirits and strength. My heart aches for many of the families we have met and beams for others in there accomplishments.
I remember when we were first at Shaker Rehab Brendan started having such horrible pain in his head that he couldn't sleep or eat and then to where he had no tears left he had no energy to fight to stay in bed. The doctors and nurses were very concerned and were about to send him back to main campus when they finally figured out the problem. After a bag of fluid and some steroids he was a different boy. We didn't have the extreme pain again. A couple of days passed and a little boy a couple years younger had a similar surgery and was experiencing similar symptoms and then my worst fear that I had for Bren happened to him. He started seizing. I remember going into to my room praying so hard for this family and tears in my eyes for nights to follow. I Knew the pain that they must have been going through, but his mother was so cheerful and happy even though her little boy was in so much pain and they had no other options. He did have a couple of good days and I will never forget when that little boy grabbed a hold of my heart and took a piece of it. While walking with his mom while she pushed him in his chair he looked up at me and asked if he could hold my hand. Such a simple request but yet such an impact it has had on me it brought tears to my eyes and I miss his soft cold little hand. After a couple of weeks of not being able to help him they decided he would do better at home and maybe try day hospital in a few weeks. He continued to seize and not sleep very well at night and be so wiped out that the doctors were concerned and advised the family to start preparing. When I heard this I cried so hard for him and yet was so thankful for our blessings. weeks went by and it was about 10 days before we were to go home and he was in the hospital for a chair fitting and the excitement came rushing out of him waving his little arm in excitement he reached for my hand and pulled me down for his sweetest kiss on my cheek. He held my hand tight and kept saying my name over and over. We both smiled so hard I thought my cheeks were going to fall off. He is doing so much better and the seizures have slowed and he is able to be up for most of the day. I was so so happy! Brendan and I were able to go to Dinner with them our last night there. What an amazing family He has 2 sisters who are just as cute and sweet. Brendan of course liked them. He is also a charmer. Those 2 boys could be brothers. I have many other stories of other friends we met. So when I can see to type I will post more.
Thanks for caring and all our prayers we love you all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here is a link to his story - he has a disease that affects 1 in 100,000,000. He is going to have brain surgery soon and we are trying to make his wish come true before the surgery

Saturday, September 22 at 8:00am

Monday, March 19, 2012

More craziness

This last couple of months have been well a little crazy. We went to Boise and had some test done on Bren and had a very exciting guest show up! My little sis came waltzing up the hallway and I had to do a double take. I was in much need of some company. It was the longest week of my life. B had over 100 seizures in the first 3 days. We found out he has 6 different seizures. Crazy!!! We started him on some newly approved medicine and things were looking up. We had 2 free seizure days and then a little lapse and then 4 days without. His seizures did return but they were quick split second jerk seizures, which is much better than minutes seizures. Well now we are back to multiple seizures today we had 19 and 3 of the 6 seizures. They had been quickly progressing since his diet slip up on Thursday. Oh the diet we are on the modified atkins diet of no more than 10 carbs a day. It has been a little hard to come up with meals and even harder to not cheat for Bren. Today we finally are in ketosis yay which is good now if we can stay there. We may be starting his IVIG next week to see if that will help his seizure control. Now to the more craziness... My big sis just found out last week that her oldest has a really rare cancer that effects 1 in a million kids. Osteosarcoma " bone cancer ". She starts her aggressive chemo treatment tomorrow. She will have 3 months of chemo followed by surgery and 5 more months of chemo. Not that that isn't crazy enough my sis is 4 months pregnant and has to move 4 hours away so her and ash can be closer to the hospital for her treatments. This means a new ob and having a baby in the middle of chemo treatment. What is with our children contracting these really rare diseases? Hopefully this will be the last of our tragedies and we will have better luck. Now for some better topics. Sage is doing so much better with her reading and school work. She is growing so tall and turning into such a beautiful little girl. Emmett is our little entertainer. He is always doing the funniest things and making us laugh. Jordan is such a good big brother looking out for his siblings. He is so helpful with Bren and making sure he is ok. Chris n Jordan and my brother Jake went steelhead fishing last weekend and didn't ketch anything and again came home saying they hate it and never want to go again. Lol that's what they say every year. Jordan informed me today that they have been deciding if they want to go next weekend. Hehe I think they are addicted to fishing. Oh well that is good they have a hobby hopefully they will come back happier the next time and limit out. We got some baby chicks and Emmett is so funny with them he wants to hold them but they better not put there feet on his bare skin or they will get some flying lessons in as he chucks them across the room and if they peck him they get swatted of his lap faster than you have time to know what happened. But if they just snuggle under his are they get smothered with kisses. We have 8 chicks and there names are so funny Jordan's is pecker because he likes to peck the others, Brens is stomper because he doesn't care if the others are sleeping or in his way he stomps right over them, sages is Lilly well because she likes that name it was Lilly pad until the brother made fun of her, Emmett's is Nelson because he names everything that, then the other 4 are blondie, speckles, Easter and bunny because the last 2 are americanas and they lay colorful eggs. Well other then that that's all that has been going on around the McDaniel family's house.