Monday, January 9, 2012

Here's to a Better Year

So it has been just over a month since my last post. We had an amazing Christmas. We are so blessed to live in such an amazing community. We reciaved so much from so many people. Our kids had the best Christmas ever. It was such a treat to watch them open there gifts and give there gifts. It was such an amazing holiday and the highlight of a long and hard year. I can't tell you all enough how grateful we are to have you a part of our lives and how much we appreciate you!!!
Jordan got his snowboard but now is waiting for snow so he can use it. Poor kid can you belive we are missing snow(well I'm not). Brendan got his remote control boat. Sage got barbies galore. And Emmett got his Thomas James and Percy. Chris and I got an Ipad and it was nice since our lap top decided to crash the day before Christmas.
Health wise we are doing pretty good for the most part. We still are struggling to find an answer to what is going on with Brendan. We had an appointment at PCMC to have a consult for the Ketogenic diet. We also went to the ENT and Brendan is now needing sinus surgery on the 20th. Man can't this guy get a break. After that we go to Boise on the 30th for brain surgery evaluation and will be in the hospital for 5-7 days. We return home in time to head to PCMC to start the Keto diet on the 6th. So it is going to be a busy month. He has seemed to be doing a little better since we have been more alert to what he is eating. We have been limiting his carbs and he has had less seizures. He goes through spells like this and we think we are on to something and them he will have a whole lot of seizures but hopefully we are finding a solution. So when we start this Keto diet he can have absolutely no carbs of any kind and be on a very strict diet and only eat at certain time and have his food weighed and measured. I am a little nervous because he is going to school and that will be hard to keep an eye on him. Plus having three other kids on a regular diet is going to be hard for him. He has been very willing and does need some reminding now and then. I have talked to all his health care providers and we are coming up with a plan to give him non food treats. Its funny because we reward each other with food. So now we have to be a little more crative. oh almost forgot Bren had an MRI last week and they found more spots on the back of the brain and said it was white matter which means his milan sheaths are damaged and could be the cause of his migranes and light oras. They explained it to me as being like electrcal wires hat are coated and missing the coating in spots. So this can cause the messages in his brain to travel slower and leak out causing the lights and headaches. I could have been there before but the MRI at the hospital isn't as strong as the radiology place in town. Go figure so from now on no hospital MRIs for Bren if I can help it.
Well hopefully this year won't be as rough and we can find some answers!!!