Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So this week has been a little rough.I don't know if it was a worth getting my tonsils out. OUCH! But we're doing a little better. Good thing I have awesome friends and family!!!
Chris has been so sweet . He takes such good care of me. Even though he makes fun of me when I'm am so medicated with pain meds. He also doesn't like how I talk.lol He said if I ever get addicted to pain meds he would have to leave me because I have no emotion except crankiness. and I sit on the couch with my squinted eyes and mouth open and look like a retard. So sweet. He makes me laugh what a funny guy. I love him so much.
On to the kids... Sage came in the room and said I'll take care of you today mom. She climbs in bed and lays on my chest and says I love you. Aww so sweet. Then she says mom I will let you tickle my back. lol I think she was just sucking up.jk It was actually nice to have someone to cuddle with even if it meant tickling her back and not getting mine tickled. She at least was quiet and not getting into mischief like usual.
So Brendan being the cutie he is. Chris was talking to his friend about a dog (yes he wants another dog) and he said "the cool thing is that she's house broke." Then Brendan asks me who's house broke. I told him Jordan's. He had a really confused look on his face and said "Jordan who". Then the light clicked and I realized why he was so confused. He thought that someone's house had broke. I laughed so hard that it really hurt bad. My throat was killing me but I couldn't stop. Poor Brendan was embarased. So we explained to him what daddy meant. He said that's dumb it doesn't make any sense.
Jordan is my little sweetie lately he has been leaving me little love notes. " mom you are the best mom in the world I have the best mom in the world I love you because you are nice to me and play with me". So sweet makes me cry. He just got baptized too and it was so awesome. I can't believe how fast he has grown.
Little Emmett isn't so little anymore. He weighs 16# my little chunka munka. He has the chubbiest legs. He is so smiley. He loves his Aunt Cherish she can make him laugh so hard it's so dang cute. He is so very ticklish too funny stuff.

Friday, December 11, 2009