Saturday, March 1, 2014

Whats new in 2014

Wow it has been too long. Life has been so crazy busy. We have been home from surgery just over a year. Bren is able to walk so good and even run(still a little scary to watch him run). He does fall most of the time if he gets going to fast. We switched him to public school this January and he is loving it. He broke his arm 2x August and October and after 5 months of being in a cast he finally got it off in January. His speech is so much better and you can understand him most of the time. We are so blessed for the way things turned out. Brendan was able to go skiing a couple of weeks ago with an organization called CW Hog. They help special needs kids do all sorts of different activities with adaptive equipment. What an amazing experience

veterans concert
We have decided to try raising a couple of pigs this winter. They are stinky but pretty fun pork chop is the little one and he is so cute he comes running to finds us whenever he hears the door open. Bacon well she was a little older when we got her so she is not to sure about us and is fast. The kids know what we are raising her for and are fine with that because they are all scared of her. But they think pork chop is our 2nd dog. Although he is getting bigger and bites at their toes and fingers so I thing they will warm up to the idea.
We also got 4 baby chicks Friday and they are cute as ever they are inside in a garbage can for now. I love to hear their little chirps and squeaks. Hopefully we will be able to keep the neighborhood dogs away from them when they get big enough to go outside.
2 of the 3 goats have had their babies already so we have 3 new doelings they are so cute we decided to name them Kamri, Kia and Pheonix. We didn't see them born just found them a couple of hours after. Luckily they are all healthy and didn't have any problems.
Jord got to display his invention this week and is excited to see how he did. He went to his Klondike camp out and on the way home some of his group got into a wreck with like 10 other cars. He made it home safe and sound.
Sage lost another tooth this weekend. I think thats 5 now. She has quite the gaps in her mouth these days.
Emmett is as wild as ever. He is so entertaining and fun. He is brave until you start a sentence "watch out for.... then he is such a scaredy cat.
Chris is going to Canada for a week on business. Hopefully we will survive.
Well thats all I can think of for now. I am sorry I have not kept up. It has been fun reading our latter posts. I was cracking up at some of the things the kids did .

Sledding December 2013