Monday, April 21, 2014

Wow spring has really sprung around here. We have gotten so many new babies. We had 4 doelings born this year. We brought home 4 baby chicks and they are growing nicely. I think they are about 6-7 weeks now. We brought home 15 more chicks last week, they are cockrels.
Sage had her birthday yesterday, she wanted ducklings but they didn't have any. She was so sad so her dad talked her into a cool new incubator so she can order some eggs and watch them hatch. She is so excited!
Our pigs are doing pretty good. One is better than the other. Our little one has a prolapsed rectum and we are not quite sure what to do about it. But that's how it goes.
We put up a new fence around the perimeter of our yard and that seems to be keeping in most of the animals. Our dang dog seems to be still finding a way out. So we will have to watch her a little closer so we can figure out where we need to fix that.
Brendan is doing great in his new school. He has been there a little over 4 months and has made a lot of new friends. He is super excited for the nice weather so he can ride his trike. He did ride it with Jordan the other day. They went to there Aunt Tara's and when they returned Brendan collapsed on the bed and said" that's exhausting". It was almost 3.5 miles round trip and quite windy.
Jordan is such a smart little stinker. He had an inventors thing and he won 3rd in regionals out of 100+ kids. He is out growing his boyhood. He still has a tendency to be lazy and not help but that's a kid for ya. So proud of him.
Emmett has kindergarten round up today and is so excited to go to "real school". Hopefully the excitement stays all through school.
Chris is doing good keeping busy. He had us a little scared last week. He has had a lump on the back of his neck for about 6 months and the NP said we needed to get an ultra sound done to see what was going on. Then after that we needed a MRI so that scared us because they seemed pretty concerned. Luckily everything came out o.k. it is only a lipoma (fat tissue capsule). What a relief!
Well tha'ts about it for the excitement on our little farm.