Sunday, March 28, 2010

My small army

So yesterday we had Dylan and Ethan over and the boys were restless. They all wanted to play on the computer so bein the mean mom and aunt that I am I kicked them all outside because it was a nice spring day (where we live anyway). Then they were fighting over what to play army or hunting. I just laughed to my self boys will be boys. because either way they would hide and go shoot at each other either in war or in hunting the animal of choice. They finally decided on army and I remembered the week after halloween they had army guy costumes on sale for $2 and well I cant pass up a good buy so I bought four costumes knowing they someday would be put to good use. Brendan was the one who wanted hunting and the older boys wanted army and he usually has to go along with what they want to do so I pulled him aside and got him all geared up to play. Within seconds after stepping outside the other 2 boys came running in asking for theirs. I teased them for a bit and finally gave in and got theirs out. Then my little "princess" was all over getting dressed up girls will be girls. She was the cutest little army guy I have ever seen. That was the best idea I have had in a while that kept them entertained for hours (oh and me too). While doing dishes I would get a glimpse of the kids running and sneaking past in their cute costumes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesome blog

womenwhodoitall.blogspot.comAwesome giveaways. Visit her blog and tell her I sent you thanks. I think this is going to be a really good blog to follow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Washington Pics.

Our trip to WA. Little Trever, such a sweet boy. Hopefully the Seattle Dr. can help him.

Emmett likes to blow rasberries it is so funny. Brendan is are little photographer and is pretty good at it. Jordan is Emmett's clown and can make him laugh any time. And well Sage is Sage and loves to be the center of attention and won't let you forget her.
So we made it home safe and sound from Washington. Emmet got his first tooth and is crawling like crazy also he can sit up all by himself. My little guy is growing so fast. I'm still trying to get caught up on all the lost sleep from our trip. Not to mention laundry and house work. blah when is the next vacation. lol. Hope you all are doing fabulous. Oh yeah and now Jordan and Sage think they need to get the stomach flu fun fun gotta love being a mom. Good thing they are so darn cute. Have a great week I know I will.