Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trever's 2nd Transplant

So this is Trever. I love this little guy so much he has only been here for such a short time but has stolen a piece of my heart. Today my heart is aching for him. I am with Krystal I wish I could take his pain for him and hold him so tight. I can't quit crying today knowing the pain that he is going through. I wish I was able to be there for him. 
He is having his 2nd bone marrow transplant today. He is in a lot of pain, but they have given him a morphine drip. He is the toughest person I have met. He is the cutest little boy ever!!! He is only 3 years old and my little Emmett who is 18 months has already out grown him. Please keep him in your prayers today. Thank you everyone for your love and support. I love you Trever and Krystal Hang in there.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wow its been a while, so sorry. I guess the holidays and this blasted weather have worn me out. Lately I have absolutely no motivation to do anything. I find my self sleeping the day away. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I still find myself sleeping in and not being able to peel myself out of bed before 9:00am. Very frustrating oh sunshine please come out and give me the encouragement to get out of bed and get my house and things done. I did finally chop my hair off. I like it for the most part but I do have my days when I wish it was longer.

Okay now that that is said I will let you know how the rest of the family is doing.
Oh and I made a trip out to Michigan to see my little nephew in the hospital right before he had his transplant and chemo. What a sweet strong boy. He amazes on how tough he is and how cheerful he can be during all the pokes and prodding. All he asks for in return is a toy story sticker. I wish he didn't have so many trials as he does. His transplant didn't take and so he is now in the hospital for more chemo and another transplant. He is having a tougher time on this one. I think he has had it with all the surgeries and poking. He went in the hospital a few days earlier then planned and had to have his access port taken out due to him picking at it. I'm sure it is not comfortable to have it in. He now has to wait and see if there is infection and later he will need to have the port put back in. Poor little guy. Hang in there little man. We love you!
Jordan is doing awesome in school. I am so proud of him! I don't know where he gets his smarts from not from me that's for sure. He still is having his headaches and I don't know what to do for him. I think the lack of sunshine is wearing on him to. He goes through stages of where he is so depressed and thinks no one likes him and mopes around the house. But when he is in his good moods he is hilarious. He can make anyone smile. His littlest brother just adores him. It is so sweet. Jordan is quite the little fisherman just like his dad.
Brendan is my little lover boy. I will have my hands full in a few years. I stopped by school one day and it happened to be his recess and he had at least five girls surrounding him. He was holding hands with 2 of them and the rest were trailing behind to have there turn next. I was laughing so hard as I made my way into the school. He is always so affectionate. He loves to give hugs and tell me how much he loves me. I think he is just buttering me up for future privlages. lol He always makes you feel like you are the most amazing person. He is quite silly and always giggling.

Sage, she is so loud. I don't think she understands how to be quiet or she just likes to here herself. She is always singing and dancing around the house and singing in the car. If you ask her what she is going to be her response is a mom and a Taylor Swift. She is so cute. She will have me turn on Taylor Swift and she won't sing the words she likes to make up her own song and sing louder than Taylor. She loves to play house and barbies. She gets Brendan and Emmett to join in the on the fun too. I have to hide all the nail polish in the house or that is what I would be doing all day. She is all girl with a little bit of boy in her.

Emmett he is so funny, he is my little nudest. He loves to be naked. So I decided if he doesn't like his diaper on maybe it is time to introduce the toilet. It has been a huge success. He stays dry for as long as he has a little reminding throughout the day. Although going #2 we are still working on. He did go #2 on the pot yesterday so we will see how today goes. He is always heard except for when he is getting into stuff he is not suppose to. His favorite things to get into is in the bathroom. Mostly mommies stuff like the tampons and pads. I don't know why this is always the toddlers choice of toys in the bathroom.