Sunday, February 14, 2010

Safe n Sound

So I'm in Washington and made it safe and sound. I didn't even kill my dad and we actually had a nice drive. My niece's and nephew came runnin out to give me loves. We went to the movies and Camden and I we're sprayin everyone with our webs(well he was cuz I don't have real ones so he says). He is such a character with such a huge imagination. Sage and Bayleigh are connected at the hip Ashlynne got her heeley's and is so funny to watch. Makiah is such a doll and always wants me to hold her and she just loves Emmett and tickle's him(too cute).
Fun fun. Man I love kids they are such sweet little people. They make my heart warm their my light and sunshine. Sage is so funny she was tellin everyone that we had to pick up Grandpa Bill because he was riding(driving) us to Cherish's because we didn't know the way. Grandpa was teasing her about singin a silly song and he was singing it wrong and she would say " no grampa Bill thats how you don't sing it. She cracks me up. Emmett and her traveled so good not a cry wimper or whine the whole 9 hours.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow what a month! I can't believe it is already February. Emmett is starting to crawl and he's only six month's:( Sage is going through a trying my patience stage. Ahhh I hate that. Oh well thats kids gotta love em and I do! I sold my car today:( a little sad. Now I have to drive the BIG BURB all the time. I get to go to Washington this next weekend!!! So excited to se my sista's and there cute kids!!! Hopefully my dad n I can survive the drive together lol ;) Jordan is doing awesome in school. I found out that he is in fourth grade words. Pretty great for a 2nd grader. Brendan is also doing well in kindergarten I can't believe how much they learn in such a short time. Other then that life has been good. Until next time, hope you all the best:)