Monday, March 21, 2011

My photography class

So I have been taking a photography class online from one of my sisters friends. She has the most amazing pictures. I wanted to share a couple of photos that I took and am so excited about. They aren't prfessional quality by any means but I love em.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Part 1 of my Vegas Trip....

So, I again have let a couple of months fly by without a post, but February is a short month so that doesn't count as a month right?!
Any hoo Chris and I were able to go to Vegas without the kiddos and it was fabulous. We were kid free and had 70 degree weather all week.  We walked and walked and walked some more. By the end of the day we were waddling to our room from stiff and sore joints. Can't they make there sidewalks a little softer ha ha. So I had the best work out in my life that week. at least my legs have never been so sore in my life.

So my first pic is of the porn card ladies that stand on the side of the side walk flicking cards and trying to get as many men as possible or desperate enough to grab them. Ha ha it was a good time after a while it got annoying and so to make it more fun for us I would tell Chris loudly to grab one you know you want to hurry hurry. he he I don't think they appreciated that I did get some if looks could kills looks.
The eiffle tower (the little one).
Spray paint artist. This was really cool to watch. He made it look so easy. Im sure I could pick this talent up in no time. They only took about 15 minutes. He was actually easy on the eyes but this is the only head shot I got and yeah he had to be making a goofy face. Oh well Chris was happy he said now I wouldn't be lusting after him. ha ha
These were some pretty cool dress/skirt outfits the price was not so much $60-$90
Later down the road found some for $15. You gotta be careful and bargain shop because the prices do vay a lot on things.
This was a total accident pic but it still made a nice momento this is the nice part of the strip stamped sidewalks he he I guess I must be a small town girl if I notice things like that. Your lucky if you have curb and gutter around my neighborhood.
One of many fabulous sculptures outside of the casinos. My neck was a little sore from all the tall buildings and gauking at the spectacularness.
Planet Hollywood
This is where we stayed 2 of the nights.
Ok so this is one of the pics from the overpass walkway. See the red and blue lights on the right side of the pic above the red arrow and to the left a little. That is the Rio and well it looks like it is only a block or two away right?! Wrong it was like 2 to 3 MILES away at night off the strip across the freeway. Yeah we walked there and were so tired that we ended up sharing a cab with a couple of ladies. Yes I broke down and payed for transportation. It was so worth the five dollars and that was our share so if we went alone ten big ones for 2 miles. I would have even paid that. lol

This is the excalibur
Inside the Paris I absolutely loved this casino it wasn't dark and depressing like the rest. I mean look at the ceilings you feel like your outside.

My hunk of burnin love riding the tram through the airport. This is the easiest and traveler friendly airport I have ever been in
Look at that cute behind! Who needs a head shot when you get that view. Love you Babe!!! And I dont have to lust after this pic because I get to see the real thing everyday. Ok well I will return for part 2 but I had better work on my beauty sleep tonight.