Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cleveland Clinic Shaker Rehab

Shane, Vincent and Brendan
As you all know Brendan and I recently came home from Cleveland Clinic after being there for just over 2 months. I would like to say wow what an amazing place. Cleveland Clinic has angels working for them. I would like to go to a job interview and see the requirements. We have been to a few hospitals and well some have had better food but the staff are by far worth it. haha sorry CC but the food is awful. On the bright side that is the only negative thing I have to say. You have given my little boy his life back he has been seizure free since October 12th 2012!!!
We have made so many new friends along our journey and are so thankful to have those experiences. It has humbled me so much and I will never forget the many great things that these young children can do and go through. They have such amazing spirits and strength. My heart aches for many of the families we have met and beams for others in there accomplishments.
I remember when we were first at Shaker Rehab Brendan started having such horrible pain in his head that he couldn't sleep or eat and then to where he had no tears left he had no energy to fight to stay in bed. The doctors and nurses were very concerned and were about to send him back to main campus when they finally figured out the problem. After a bag of fluid and some steroids he was a different boy. We didn't have the extreme pain again. A couple of days passed and a little boy a couple years younger had a similar surgery and was experiencing similar symptoms and then my worst fear that I had for Bren happened to him. He started seizing. I remember going into to my room praying so hard for this family and tears in my eyes for nights to follow. I Knew the pain that they must have been going through, but his mother was so cheerful and happy even though her little boy was in so much pain and they had no other options. He did have a couple of good days and I will never forget when that little boy grabbed a hold of my heart and took a piece of it. While walking with his mom while she pushed him in his chair he looked up at me and asked if he could hold my hand. Such a simple request but yet such an impact it has had on me it brought tears to my eyes and I miss his soft cold little hand. After a couple of weeks of not being able to help him they decided he would do better at home and maybe try day hospital in a few weeks. He continued to seize and not sleep very well at night and be so wiped out that the doctors were concerned and advised the family to start preparing. When I heard this I cried so hard for him and yet was so thankful for our blessings. weeks went by and it was about 10 days before we were to go home and he was in the hospital for a chair fitting and the excitement came rushing out of him waving his little arm in excitement he reached for my hand and pulled me down for his sweetest kiss on my cheek. He held my hand tight and kept saying my name over and over. We both smiled so hard I thought my cheeks were going to fall off. He is doing so much better and the seizures have slowed and he is able to be up for most of the day. I was so so happy! Brendan and I were able to go to Dinner with them our last night there. What an amazing family He has 2 sisters who are just as cute and sweet. Brendan of course liked them. He is also a charmer. Those 2 boys could be brothers. I have many other stories of other friends we met. So when I can see to type I will post more.
Thanks for caring and all our prayers we love you all.