Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's been a while

      Hello my long lost bloggy friends. It has been forever since my last post. My mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say say nothing at all. So I took her advice for once in my life ;). Well school has been going for a little over a month. I thought life would be less chaotic. Well was I wrong it seems like I live out of my car these days. We have therapy 2 days of the week, scouts once a week, tumbling once a week, activity days once a month, and our random Dr.'s and dentist appointments. But my kids don't think that's enough because we make a trip to the ER at least once a month it seems like.we had some visitors in September and it was way fun to have them. I am still sad to see them go. Usually you are sad to see them leave but glad to get back to your routine. Not me I am so sad for them to leave I don't know how I have managed doing this without them. My mom helped with the house work, grandma entertained the kids, and Krystal entertained me and helped with the kids. We had so much fun together.
So Emmett and I are hope for about an hour by ourselves. He is so naughty these days. He is always crying and throwing a fit if he doesn't get what he wants right this minute. Grr kinda embarrassing to take him anywhere. But he does have his cute moments. He always is saying mommy mommy watch me or mommy mommy look watererer. he has a hard time stopping his r's it is so stinkin cute. The other day we were in Chris' truck and he says mommy hug n kisses and gave me hug then a kiss then a hug back n forth for about 5 minutes. Too cute.
       Sage is enjoying kindergarten the first couple of weeks she would come home and say my I had the best day ever. I would say thats what you said yesterday. No mom today was is her response. Now she isn't as excited to jump out of bed and hurry and get dressed. She is not liking the early morning thing. We do carpool and sometimes I will be at the school about the time her class gets out and surprise her to pick her up. Well the surprise is on me she would rather ride carpool then with her mom. A little tear but that's ok. I signed her up for tumbling again and I think she loves it. This is her second session. It helps her get out her energy lol. Oh yeah she also got her ears ears pierced as she would say. She was so excited and nervous, but she took it like a real tough girl and didn't even cry. She is so proud of them and loves showing them off.
       Brendan is in 2nd grade and is loving it. He isn't able to make it all day due to his health and/or meds. I'm not sure which one is the cause, so he goes in at 10:30 everyday. He has a little extra help with reading since he misses it in the morning. Other than that he seems to be doing ok academicly. He does have a little hard time remembering sometimes. He has Physical therapy on Mondays and Occupational Therapy on Tuesday mornings and Speech Therapy on Tuesday afternoons. Kind of a full schedule but he likes going to his therapies, Which is good because when he doesn't want to do something it is hard to convince him to. He has been having a lot more seizures the last little bit. We had a scary day a few weeks ago, we had to call the ambulance twice and take a ride to the hospital for a CT. Everything turned out ok we had a hard time stopping his seizures. His right hand has regressed a little, which is frustrating. He is on 4 different seizure meds and we are still having a lot of seizures. We went to the Dr. on Friday and he wants us to go back to PCMC to have an angiogram done on his brain and also to meet with the reumatologist to maybe get on some immune suppressant medication. We are nervous and hope that we are doing the right thing and that we will get a comforting answer or something. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have someone tell us what to do.
      Jordan is doing really well in school. He is getting a little lazy in getting his assignments in but with a little nudge and threatening he does it. He gets to go early to the breakfast club for the gifted and talented students. I think its pretty cool they are doing stuff like that for the kids. Although that means I have to wake up early and take him. His class is getting ready to get a tortoise, which he is super excited about we donated our fish tank to them. He cleaned it out and kept bugging me to bring it in. He is such a big help around the house when he wants to. He is obsessed with going to the skate park. Its driving me kind of crazy, because everday he asks to go and well I feel mean saying no but it is hard to get chores homework and dinner done before bed time without having to drive him across town.
      Chris and I have been doing ok. Chris got a paramotor which is pretty cool. He has been paragliding a lot more this summer. He took my sister Krystal tandem while she was out here. It looked pretty fun. I had her test it out for me. She said it was scary but worth it. So I may get up enough nerve to try it out. Chris has been busy working but also spending good quality time with the family.
     I have been canning a little this summer. I think I made about 32 quarts of apple sauce. I am thinking about making some apple butter but we will see, I do like to procrastinate. Oh I went to my first concert with my lil sis and well it was pretty darn fun. We ended up getting in a little tiff but it worked out in the end. haha Crazy girls. I went to the rodeo with my mom and boys it was pretty fun. There was no fighting at this event hehe so that was good a little boring but we did have the kids so had to keep our fun pg.
Trying out dads harness, wishin he could go flying

High in the sky

Waiting for the bus and looking oh so good :)

Bull riding with grandma Sherry!
The kids were scared of this big beast while riding their bikes. hehe 

having fun waiting for dad and watching him fly

Other then that life has been pretty boring ha I wish but thats ok. We do have ourselves a good time anyway.