Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spring Break at the Oregon Coast

Wow how time flies by or maybe I am just lazy. Haha. So it has been over a year since my last post. There has been a lot of changes in a year. I started working at the school this year and Emmett has finished kindergarten. Crazy my baby is in school. Some days I miss having babies around, but it is nice to have more dependent kiddos. Jordan finished his first year of middle school(which was rough on us both). He also starts grid kid football in August. He had been begging me for 2 years to sign him up and I finally bit the bullet and did it to find out he has no interest and is even upset that I signed him up. Gotta love teenager hey. Mom's can't get it right haha.Sage has been taking piano and is getting really good she is so talented. Brendan had a bit of a rough year. His seizures came back in October and he had a hard time keeping up in the general ed class so he is full time in the extended resource room. He has made huge gains since and so much happier. Chris is still hard at work all the time and still manages to take us on crazy adventures that we all come home exhausted and happy.
Winter Recital
I still don't think I have a handle on this whole house cleaning and chores for me and the kids but I think we have made improvements. So slow but sure hopefully we will get there. We still have our crazy goats and chickens that keep us busy. We had 4 babies 3 males and 1 doe so not our best year but they are still so cute. We finally put up a good fence and have been trying to flood irrigate this year and that has been interesting. I never understood how sharing water could cause so many issues. But boy it can really bring out the worst in people. We also finished our chicken coop and planted a garden. Unfortunately still don't have any luck with keeping it to harvest. Something got in and ate all but the squash plants.

2nd place overall and 1st in his class
We were able to get together with all my mom's kids which was nice, crazy, stressful, and enjoyable. Our poor spouses didn't know how crazy dysfunctional and loveable we are all at the same time. I think we all had a really great time and was actually one of our better reunions. Love my Crazy family. We went all over East Idaho. It was a jam packed busy 10 days. Loved meeting new babies and we still have 2 new ones coming soon. I think we had 32 of us at on one occasion. Kinda hard to believe that 4 kids can grow to that many.