Friday, June 10, 2011

Trever is in need of lots of prayers and a miracle

My 3 yr old Nephew, God bless him.
Now for my nephew Trever, I haven't posted about him in a while because he was doing ok. Well Tuesday he ended up getting a bacterial pneumonia which now has caused his mono to flare up and was rushed to ICU 3am this morning. They have put him in a drug induced coma, respirator and say it is in Gods hands now and are praying he will make it to Sunday.  Please please keep him in your prayers and my little sister as well they need all the love and support they can get.

The neurology team stopped by. They think that he may have a little lesion on his right side. So they are thinking they would like to do an angiagram to see if there is any blockage causing this or if there is a flow problem. So how they explained it to me was the veins in the brain are like a sprinkler system. You have a main hose that branches off into little sprinkler heads and sometimes dirt or debris get in there and block of a set of sprinkler heads and this will cause other sprinkler heads down the line from it not to receive flow causing that section to die and be damaged. Or there could be something constricting the main hose causing flow not to get to the end of the line on both sides and again the same end result. It is suspected that the main artery to the brain is being constricted and causing damage on both sides. They found something suspicious on the right side after having the EEG video and going back and looking at the MRI. The spot on the right side doesn't jump out at you like the left side. So we will be coming back in about 2 weeks to meet a stroke specialist and maybe doing that procedure. They suspect that the keppra is not working and may look into changing his meds. They did send us home with some rescue medicine called versed. We would only give it to him if his seizures last 5 minutes and after the medicine if he is still seizing after five more minutes then we would need to call ems. Scary to think about but at least we now have some meds to give him and a seizure action plan. 

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  1. Wow, I don't know how I have missed all of this. This must be so crazy stressful. I sure hope your little peanut is okay.
    Hard for you not to feel helpless and overwhelmed I am sure.
    I hope you have lots of support.
    Take care.