Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our adventures to Seattle

So as most of you may have heard we went to Seattle Children's Hospital in hope's to get a second opinion and that they would miraculously have a cure or treatment plan for Brendan. Well sad to say but no such luck. Hey at least I can say we tried and are trying to make sure we are doing the right thing and don't have to look back and have any regret's for not trying. We did get a very thorough evaluation and have been told to get a possible sinus biopsy in hopes that that may give us any answers.
After returning home we met with our neuro doc and he gave us the referal to the ENT specialist. He did not do a biopsy instead shoved a q-tip up Bren's nose(poor guy). Wasn't expecting it to be that painful. He had a mini ct done and found that he had a sinus infection.
Next week we head to PCMC again and we are going ahead with the Angio. We are really nervous and scared for that, but hopefully that may give us some insight of what happened and is happening. We will then most likely start on immune suppressants since he has an increase in his antibodies which means he has an over active immune system that is causing harm to him and may be contributing to his seizures and stroke. If he doesn't show signs of improvement then he will be started on steroids, and again if that doesn't work he will be sent off to get a brain surgery evaluation. So we have a stressful and tough road ahead of us. While researching for help on the epilepsy website I ran across a new procedure/surgery for epilepsy patients and hoping that this will be a better alternative. So keeping our fingers crossed and praying for the answers we need. Thank you for all your prayers and kindness. Lots of love the McDaniels

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