Friday, April 23, 2010

Sweet boy

Trever and Me

One when he was super skinny

Trever and his mom Krystal

One of his more recent pictures

Yesterday I found out that my sweet little nephew will need a bone marrow transplant. He has inactive T cells and the only way to get them active is to have the transplant done. The Dr. did say he could continue with what he is doing and this may mask his illness but he will not grow because of the steroids that he is on and wont get better. So eventually they would try to put him on a growth hormone and this could cause a reaction and damage his little body and make his meds quit working. Or he could get immuned to his current meds and have to try other ones, but by not doing the bone marrow transplant and continuing with the meds this would damage his body so bad that he would not be able to have the transplant. With the transplant you run the risk of the body rejecting the new bone marrow and killing his immune system and having a fatal result. He would have to undergo kemo and this could also have a risk of being fatal to him. My poor sister doesn't know what to do. The Dr. told her to research it online but that is a lot of reading and a lot of different answers. Please pray for our little Trever and if anyone has gone through a bone marrow transplant please let us know your experience and help her be able to decide what would be the best. I personally think the bone marrow transplant would be the way to go even with the risk because staying where he is now has no hope of curing him.
As you can see in his photos he goes from one extreme to the other with his weight. He loses weight fast and gets really scary and them he get so swollen and gains weight and has a hard time walking and huffs and is out of breathe with any activity. He is going to be 3 in September and is the size of my 8 month old. He has had numerous painful procedures and takes the most awful bitter tounge burning medicine. My heart just aches for this sweet little boy. Even through it all he is the sweetest most loving friendly little guy. He is so happy all the time and says the funniest things. I just love this kid so much and wish he didn't have to go through all of this.


  1. That is so sad. I really feel for the poor little guy and your sister. :(

  2. Poor little guy. Hang in there Krystal you will find your answer.

  3. Joy, I was so sad to read about little Trevor. Please tell Krystal hi for me and give him a kiss. They will be in my prayers.