Monday, May 31, 2010

My crazy life

So school is out!!! It's of bitter sweet. I know I am a terrible mom for not being absolutley exstatic that my kinds are on summer break, but man my kids love to fight so it seem. That makes for a grumpy mom and a long day/summer. I am excited I am currently coaching my boys' pitching machine team. Jordan has started another year of BMX. Sage well I need to find something for her to do. Mostly she just has mood swings lol. She is strong spirited and thats ok gotta love her. Little Emmett isn't so little he is about 22# now and 29 1/2" growing like a weed, but he still hasn't outgrown his ear infections. So tomorrow we are off to get tubes(wish us luck). Hopefully this will cure our sleepless nights. Chris well he is still working hard for us what a man, we just love him! Sorry its short and sweet gotta go entertain the kiddos. Oh and any input on ideas for the summer to sail a little smoother is much appreciated. Thanks and have a great month!

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  1. My youngest suffered terribly with ear infections. Finally at age 4 we were going to get the tubes the end of the summer so he could still get wet and voila' they stopped and never came back.
    Good luck with that and with the long days of summer with the kids. Maybe you need a system of removal of privileges for them when they fight. Take stuff away one by one until they knock it off. It may make for a tough week but in the long run a much nicer summer as they get the picture.