Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What to do

So the other day one of my kids where sassing me.(oh no not my kids they are angels). I know right but any way they got sent to their rooms and I could hear screaming and tantrums of all tantrums and that little for letter word came out. One of the saddest days ever. I HATE my mom I hate you mom I hate her on and on. At first I thought I was misunderstanding and so I went closer and unfortunately I was hearing correctly. So which one of these angles said it? Any guess's? My little Princess no not my sweet Sage. At least my boys have hopefully skipped right over that stage. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Well on a lighter note we went on vacation to the coast and stopped and visited family. It was super fun to bad the weather wasn't very nice. But thank goodness for family we had something to do and had a blast. At least it didn't dump 6" in one night like it did yesterday. We are so ready for warm weather we want to go camping and all that fun stuff.

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  1. Pfffttt. Just wait until she is a teenager. This is just a warm up. Lol. Be strong.