Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amber this ones for you! The revenge on Tom.

Tom Swifty
Ok so you all remember Tom?  Well he was suppose to be Thanksgiving dinner then Christmas and then Sage's Birthday dinner. Well he didn't make it to Sage's birthday because of a mean karate kick he had.
I thought it was so funny that my boys were so afraid of a little ole' turkey. He would meet them at the door of his cage and try and peck their poor little fingers in their attempts to feed and water him. So finally after getting the door open he had a nice karate kid to greet them. I would watch out my window and giggle a little and yell words of encouragement to them. hehe That was one of the highlights of my day. I know you are all thinking what a mean mom laughing at there challenges.
Well I only laugh because it takes me back to my childhood when we had tom turkeys not just 1 but 4 and my lil bro loved to chase and torment them when they were just little guys and well they grew and decided to get revenge on not just him but all kids who dared to come in the yard. There were many times we were all yelling for help atop our swing set and my mom would laugh and laugh and finally come to our rescue.
Well the day came when I came to my kids rescue. I decided I would feed tom for them and he greeted me the same way he had my kids all these months. Only he had more then 1 karate kick for me. Needless to say he has kicked his last kick. I tackled that mean bird and drug him to the chop block and well in my attempt to do the deed he got away. So I chased him around the yard I finally got a hold of him ( he managed to get his kicks in) and this time I hog tied his legs together so it wouldn't be so hard to ketch him if he decided to elude me again. So I gave him one big swing at his throat and he jerked my finger right in the way. Yeah I chopped my finger and nicked his neck. I sent in my trusty helper Bren to get my knight in shining armor to come to my rescue. After 3 convincing tries he finally comes to my rescue. He finished ole' Tom off and helped with the skinning. I prepped him for the crock pot and well a few hours later we sat for dinner.
Well that mean ole' turkey thought he had the last laugh it was the toughest and most disgusting flavored bird ever! So I thought I would let Dazey have her long awaited meal and feed Tom to her. He was a bad egg through and through.


  1. Oh and no worries about my finger. I super glued that baby and it healed just fine. You can barely even see the scar. lol

  2. omg what a horrible story!!