Thursday, May 12, 2011

I dislike the unknown

Today we went to the neurologist in town and he still thinks that it may be lupus. He says "I know he looks to freakin healthy to have it but there are some tests that can't rule it out and doesn't understand what else it could be." He says we may have to wait it out and see if it gets worse or develops more to get the evidence we need to find out what this thing is. He wants to switch his meds because he has noticed he is more aggressive and agitated. Which I pray this new one will get my loving happy go lucky Brendy back. Also that it will work just as well so we won't have any more of those horrid seizures. We also need to do .... you guessed it MORE BLOOD WORK. Good thing he is so tough and brave.
We went to our first Physical Therapy on Tuesday and it was great. We learned lots of things to work on with him. He was so excited at the office but when we got back home not so much and it was a chore to try and get him to do his therapy. I blame his meds for his stubburness. I found bribing is becoming my negotiating tool. Whatever works I guess. So if anyone is up for the challenge and would like to work with him for an hour a day by all means come on over.haha
I can't believe he is going to be 7 on Saturday. He has been on the countdown ever since it was 11 days out. I also have a long list from him. lol I think he is taking full advantage of his illness. Who could blame him. If only my pocket book was as compassionate.
He is wanting to go to school now that there is only a week and a half left. Personally I think I may stress out more if he does go for fear something will happen and no one will notice. But on the other hand it will be nice to not have to break up Sage and his fights like every 20 minutes. lol Now I know how my mom felt with my brother and I hehe. It was always Jake though I was just defending myself ;)

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