Friday, May 27, 2011

More updates

We went to the neurologist in town today and were told the tests in SLC came back normal. He had gotten a postive on his ana at eirmc and they repeated the test in SLC and it came back negative. We are waiting on one more test result and then we just wait and see how he does. Kinda crazy, so they are more confused as to what is going on. They have done all the tests that they can think of to do and still not an answer as to what is going on with him. We are in the process of switching his seizure meds due to the fact that he is so agitated and not himself. If he does end up having another stroke then we will go back to the Dr. at Primary's that ruled out Lupus and treat him for one of their diseases. He is doing pretty good with his physical therapist and a little better with me. Hopefully tomorrow we will get some answer's from the Rehab Dr. and other neurologist at primary's. Other then that we just watch him if he is having any signs of a stroke and if he has any more seizures. A little frustrated but hopeful that things will turn out.

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