Sunday, May 1, 2011

Physical Therapy?

So they think that it was a stroke that is causing Bren's hand to have weakness. I have been asking about therapy for him and they want to find what is wrong and get a diagnosis before we worry about that. I am not sure I want to just sit and wait. Why not get him into therapy now so we can be that much farther ahead and on our way to recovery?! Plus shouldn't you try and do some sort of physical therapy to help him so his muscles and tendons don't shorten? So I have been searching the web for any answers and haven't found any. But I have found some ideas of therapy that I can do with him. It is hard to get a child his age to do hand stretches like you would have an adult do. He complains and gets bored with it fast and says "I can't its too hard".
Tonight I went to walmart and got tennis balls, racquet balls, glitter/water filled bouncy ball, the game operation(which I never like because when I hit the little metal piece with the tweezers it would freak me out haha), play-do, craft sticks (to make a hand splint for night), finger paint, velcro mitts to play catch, and a hand weight. Hopefully this will keep him entertained enough and work to get his hand on the mend and go back to using it. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know. I have been contemplating on putting him in piano to help get those little fingers moving. Also I have read and learned that music is one of the only activities that really uses the whole brain.
His birthday is coming up here pretty soon so you know what he is going to get (right) besides tests and shots? Physical therapy toys lol. Hopefully he will appreciate them and have fun using them. I know he will he is such a sweet kid. He always and frequently says to me " mommy I love you so much your the best". He is my heart melter. He sure knows how to pull at my heart strings, I love that kid so much and it about kills me to see him have to go through some of these tests and have some of the side effects from his meds. B bear you are the best son a mom could ever ask for! Always stay as sweet and loving as you are.
We have our appointment to Primary's Thursday so hopefully we will have some better ideas of what the plan is going to be and what we need to do.


  1. He truly is a sweet boy. We had a lot of fun with him on sat. We will get that key board to you so he can start playing. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you this week. We love you guys!

  2. Wow! You thought of so many great ideas. I'm sure those will help him and when he does get into official physical therapy he'll be so much further ahead. Good luck on Thursday!