Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rough couple of months

So the summer is almost gone :( and we still don't have any answers as to why Bren had a stroke. The last 3 weeks have been tough he has had about 9 seizures. He has been doing ocupational therapy since May. We went to his appointment today and the therapist has noticed a pretty big decline in well everything. He has ordered speech and physical therapy to be added as well. He said he has noticed a difference in him in the last 4 weeks and he didn't see him in those first 2 weeks due to the holiday and an appointment at Primary's. He did have a CT and Another MRI/MRA done and said there is no change. The day after is when he started having all of his seizures. So it make's me wonder if there is one now.

Emmett has had a strike of bad luck he has had 2 freak accidents with screws in the last month. First one he fell on one and split his eyelid open and the second he stepped on one that was hiding in the grass and it went about an inch into his foot. So the ER is probably going to start asking questions next time ;)

Sage is excited to start school. She has been pretty good this summer minus the tormenting and pestering she likes to give her brothers. But I guess its just pay back. hehe. Look out boys don't mess with that girl.

Jordan has sure grown up. He is such a big help. When Chris is gone and I need help with B or any of the other kids he is good to step in where he is needed. He is such a handsome little guy. I can't believe he is going into 4th grade.

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